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Savoury Beef Steak Marinade:

No matter what cut steak you use, this simple, easy Beef Steak Marinade will make that steak melt in your mouth and be great with any meal!

Whether you get out the BBQ, or prefer to fry your steak in a pan, you will love this recipe.


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Recipe For Steak Marinade;

BBQ Steaks Place beef on a cookie sheet or any large pan with a lip. Sprinkle both sides liberally with sea salt.

Mix together and pour over steak.

HINT: I usually thaw steak overnight, pour marinade recipe over the beef in the morning. Then it will be ready to BBQ or fry for supper.

The longer you marinade the beef steak the better the flavor!

Remember when cooking, the less you turn it, the better. It will keep more of it's juices.

You can always turn the steak a bit, if you are barbecuing, so you get those cool criss-cross lines on the steak, just like at the fancy restaurants.

Be sure to ask everyone how they like their steak!

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