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Find Your Best Cooking Tip

6 Kitchen Tips and Hints:

1. Want a great cooking tip for making your egg shells much easier to remove? Add vinegar to water when boiling eggs. This is great when kids want to help in the kitchen. They have more fun when the tasks are made easier for them.

2. Need your meat to be easier to cut, smoothly rather than sloppy and uneven strips? Only partially thaw meat for slicing for recipes. It will stay just firm enough for trimming off the fat too, although grass finished beef doesn't have much fat at all! What it does have for fat...is Good Fat!

3. Always use lids when heating foods or boiling water. It uses less energy,and saves money because it traps the heat for faster cooking.

4. Invite your kids or grandchildren, to be in the kitchen with you. They will learn valuable skills, and a cooking hint or two, and you will build a stronger relationship for your future. What great memories to have!

5. Use cast-iron pans for food preparation. It's healthier to absorb iron in our diets, than aluminum pans. And once the cast-iron is seasoned, they are non-stick for easy clean-up, and you use less butter for cooking.

6. Want to use something other than bleach to clean your cutting board? Use coarse salt all over the board. Salt is a natural cleaning tip in the kitchen. Let is stand for a few minutes, then rinse with very hot water. With salt there are no harmful chemicals on your hands or in the environment!

Have fun and get cooking with these great cooking tips and hints. Savor all the wonderful dishes out there with your families.

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