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The Holistic Approach:

Live better everyday, when you make decisions with the Holistic Approach.

Improve your health, peace of mind and your environment. It's easy and worth it!


If we are going to understand the Holistic Approach, the decision-making process must be explained. Most people are not aware of how they make decisions, they just make them.

Every decision is based on a goal , or some objective. There are resources and tools used in combination to move towards that goal.

For example,

Farmers use tractors, fuel, and fertilizer (the tools) to work the soil (the resource) to get to their goal of producing a high-yielding crop.


City people work at jobs using a combination of tools and resources to reach their goals of making money to look after their families.

In every decision there are tests to determine if the tools you are about to use will take you towards the goal.

The farmer asks, "Will these tools give me the desired production?". The city person asks, "Will this job provide enough income for my family?"

Then there is a monitoring aspect to every decision;

We ask, if the combination of tools and resources is actually moving us closer to our goal, and if they are not then adjustments are made.

*Something is faulty in this decision-making process and the biggest problem is in the goal.*

Let us now explore how to make decisions based on the practice of Holistic Management, the Holistic Approach.

A goal of production just in not enough.

First and foremost, our goal should be a statement defining what we wish for our "quality of life", rather than just production.

*Don't get me wrong, we still need production, it is just that no tool should be used that is going to cause deterioration to our quality of life.*

Farmers tilling the soil are not aware that it will eventually and detrimentally affect our quality of life. Tilled soil leads to erosion, which leads to deteriorating soil nutrients, which leads to deteriorated food quality, which leads to our deteriorated health, i.e. our quality of life.

Our use of detergents, shampoos, toilet bowl cleaners, house cleaners, etc., negatively affect or destroy the many organisms that are important to our health and food sources, which are negatively affecting our quality of life.

We see and know that these items (tools) are negatively affecting our quality of life, but our addiction to their use is a hard habit to break.

Holistic Management believes in breaking this habit and to start using tools that will not harm our quality of life.

Most importantly, the goal has to be written down.

Something happens to our mind, body, and spirit when we see our goal in our own hand-writing saying, "Yes, we want to live a long and healthy life in a healthy landscape!". Unless you have an actual written goal then changes in your decision-making processes will not happen! That is why the world is in so much trouble today.

We hold world-wide conferences on global warming and desertification and yet nothing seems to change when the attendees return home. The Holistic Approach believes nothing changes because people do not have a written goal.


We need to educate ourselves. We need to become fully aware that our farm practices, and the use of household goods, seriously undermine our ability to achieve our goal. This gives us the motivation to start looking for substitutes or other ways to use the tools to achieve our quality of life goals.

People who have what we call a written "Holisticgoal", and who start making decisions that will accomplish this goal, are becoming successful and profitable, and are restoring our deteriorating resources. Now that's a great reason to follow the holistic approach!

The changes we continually make on our ranch seem like sacrifices at first, giving up how we usually do things. But they are rewarding and worth it! We are forming new habits, that we don't notice as sacrifices anymore. Everything from how we recycle and compost to how we feed our cattle. (We ride horseback to check all our cows)

Holistic Management is easy to understand but it takes longer than this short introduction to explain it fully. I urge you to learn more.

Go to the website, www.holisticmanagement.org, for more information.

Keep checking back for more information about the holistic approach right here!

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