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Why We Need Omega-3 and Omega-6's


Omega-3 and 'O-6' are apart of a group of fatty acids found in our diets. Like vitamins, are very important to our health.

(It is unfortunate they have been given the name, "Fatty Acids", because the word FAT has become such a negative word these days!)

The Omega FA's (fatty acids) are similar to Linoleic or CLA's. Both 3 & 6 are very necessary in our diets, but only in the proper ratio.

For example, meat from animals fed on a grass-based diet, have almost a one-to-one ratio of these fatty acids. Unfortunately, any grain-fed meats have higher concentrations of Omega-6. With the ratio sometimes as HIGH as 20:1. This is not healthy for you.

These FA's are involved in transporting other dietary fats across your cell membranes for energy and building muscle tissue.


The presence of these fatty acids in our diet also appears to help prevent cancer, treat diabetes, improve heart and arterial disease, strengthen the immune system, and prevent osteoporosis.

Linoleic, omega-3, and omega-6 FA's can be found in health food stores, but the most natural way to get them?
Eat grass-based, or grass finished meats.

Find a local rancher or farmer. Ask them if their animals are grass fed, ONLY.

And, remember, organic is not the same. Organic meat is good, but may still have been fed organic grain. Thus lowering the GOOD FATS!

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